The following are a few questions that I get asked the most. Please feel free
to contact me with with any other questions you may have.

Q - How soon can we get married?
A - A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form must be completed 30 + 1 days before the Ceremony. A ceremony can not take place before this time.

Q - How often do we need to meet with a celebrant?
A - I allow up to 3 meetings for each couple. A first meeting allows you to get to know me, and allows me to get to know you. We can discuss dates, locations and your ceremony structure. The second meeting allows us to go into more detail on your ceremony. The third meeting is usually when couples will have their rehearsal. However, you may contact me at any stage by phone or email if you have any queries or questions. We can also meet more often if you wish.

Q - Can we write our own vows?
A - Yes! You can have as much input into your ceremony as you like. There are legal requirements that need to be said by the celebrant this will be discussed with you.

Q - What paperwork needs to be completed?
A - A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form must be completed 30 + 1 days before the ceremony it remains active for 18 months before. You will need your birth certificates & divorce papers (if applies) A Declaration (Form 14) must be completed by couples. Stating that there is no legal impediment to the marriage between you. This is usually done at the rehearsal or can be completed during week before the wedding. On your Wedding Day you will sign a Certificate of Marriage to make your marriage official. You will sign 3 copies. 1 copy is sent to the States Birth, Deaths & Marriages office, 1 copy stays with the celebrant and the other copy is yours.

Q - Do we have to have rehearsal?
A - No, but it does make it easier for your bridal party and families to know how you want people to set up for you, where you want the bridal party to stand, where you would like me to set up, where you'd like me to direct your photographer/music/videographer to set up. It is also a good idea to try and have your rehearsal at the same time as your wedding ceremony will be, that way you will know if your going to be in a shadow or directly in the sun!

Q - Where can we have our wedding ceremony?
A - Your wedding ceremony can be held anywhere that is unique to you! It can be held at your home, reception centres, at the beach, gardens or parks, halls, at your farm. Please consider that the local council may charge a fee if you have your ceremony in a public place so please contact them for information.

Q - Are there separate travel costs?
A - My fee covers all travel required for meetings, rehearsal and ceremony.

Q - Do you offer pre marriage counselling?
A - I do not offer pre marriage counselling as I am not professional trained in this field. I do however have a list of people who offer pre marriage counselling and believe that this is beneficial for all couples to look into.

Legal Requirements
* You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form in the correct time frame
* You are required to show your birth certificate to completed the (NOIM)
* You must be over 18 years of age to Marry in Australia
* If you have been married before you must provide your divorce decree absolute papers or a death certificate.
* You must have two witnesses over the age of 18 years at your wedding ceremony.
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